How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation in 30 Minutes

The abstract of a dissertation is its summary. It is intended to provide an overview of the included works, in case the reader does not read the entire thing. The abstract is meant to provide a clear description of what is enclosed. That means that other interested readers know exactly what information they can find. This is especially helpful if your work is ever cited as research. The good news is that your thesis abstract can easily be written in 30 minutes or less. Here is how.

Write Your Dissertation Abstract Last

When you compose the abstract before the paper, you cannot possibly write a clear outline of your paper. The abstract should be a direct reflection of your paper. For this reason, you should write it after the body of your writing. Additionally, if you write it after your paper it is less likely you will have to go back and make changes.

Choose 1-2 Sentences for Each of Your Major Sections

The major sections of a dissertation are the abstract, introduction, information sections, methods, discussion, and conclusion. The abstract should go over the informational materials, methods, and discussion. You should also provide a preview of your conclusion.

Keep it to the Point

Did you know that your abstract only has to be between 150 and 250 words in most cases? Abstracts are meant to be specific. It should provide a good summary, but it should not ramble. Check the specifications for your field, as well as for the length of your specific assignment and adjust the length accordingly. Remember not to include irrelevant information.

Type it Directly into the Computer

Some students write out their abstract (as well as the rest of their project) on paper and then type it into a writing program. The downside of this is that it takes extra time. Instead, consider typing your abstract directly onto the computer before editing. You may also find that you reduce the amount of time you spend editing your work because nothing needs to be rewritten. You should not rely on spelling and grammar checkers when you do this, though. These programs can be wrong so always proofread your work yourself.

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