The field of psychology is vast with various areas of concentration, which include health and clinical psychology, social psychology, behavioral psychology, developmental psychology, etc. If you are close to concluding your graduate psychology program, you will have to pick a suitable topic for your psychology dissertation. Selecting a great topic is a bit challenging, but you can get cheap writing help from a professional thesis writer.

Top 10 Ideas For Psychology Dissertation

  1. Critically Examine the Psychological Impact of Bullying on a Child’s Personality and Cognitive Development
  2. Public humiliation can have dire consequences on the personality and general development of a child. Make sure your thesis explores the psychological effects of intimidation on the growth and mental development of children.

  3. Childhood Trauma: Examining the long-lasting Impact on Individuals in Adulthood
  4. Childhood trauma is a sensitive issue that involves emotional and physical trauma which a child experiences during their early years. Your dissertation must be about the chances of this experience affecting the person during adulthood and the ways it can shape that individual’s personality.

  5. How Effective is the Use of Play Therapy in Supporting Children Recovery From Trauma: An in-depth Analysis
  6. Play therapy is commonly used to help children recover from painful experiences especially in cases of sexual abuse. In your thesis, give a comprehensive analysis of the different forms of play therapy available and the reactions of children to each method.

  7. Critically Examine the Phenomenon of Examination-related Anxiety in Final Year College or University Students
  8. Over the years, there have been several cases of senior year students being affected by examination-related anxiety or stress. When writing your dissertation, evaluate the issues surrounding this event to provide treatments or preventive measures that will be applicable in the university community.

  9. Transgender Challenges: An In-depth Analysis of the Different Adolescent Coping Mechanisms
  10. Transgender issues, especially when it involves adolescents bring to the front burner conversations related to vulnerability, abuse or violence at school, reactions from the community, pressure from the family, stigmatization, etc. You must evaluate the types of coping mechanisms practiced by transgendered youth.

  11. An Analysis of How Effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is in Dealing With Depression in Adolescents
  12. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is considered useful for treating depression and other mental illnesses in adolescents. This thesis should focus on the efficiency of CBT as an alternative to the pharmacological methods.

  13. Children and Bullying: An Inquest into the Reason why Victims do not Readily Report Bullying
  14. Studies show that many children who are victims of bullying claim that reporting incidents of intimidation only makes the situation worse. Make sure your dissertation explores the reason behind this perception by the victims and other factors that influence the unwillingness of victims to report offenders.

  15. Examining the Pros and Cons of Positive Reinforcement in Special Education
  16. Positive reinforcement has proven effective in inspiring and encouraging people with special needs. When writing your thesis, you must analyze the advantages and disadvantages of positive reinforcement concerning special education.

  17. Investigating the Influence of Employee Rewards and Motivation as a Determinant Factor in Shaping up the Framework of the Factory or Office
  18. Your dissertation must comprehensively talk about the significance of staff reward and motivation in shaping up the workspace. Also, you must explore the impact of employee motivation on the overall productivity of the company.

  19. Sibling Rivalries: Analyzing the Causes and How it Can be Effectively Tackled
  20. Sibling rivalries are common in a society that has deep psychological origins. In your research, explore the factors that influence sibling rivalries and advise steps that can be taken to control it.

Should I Write My Thesis or Pay A Professional for Writing Help?

The topics above are great ideas for your psychology dissertation. After you've made up your mind about a topic, you can meet your supervisor for approval and proceed to write. However, if you run into any difficulty writing your dissertation, or you do not know how to write a thesis, then you can pay for cheap professional writing help. The professional can also teach you how to write.

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